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Having a CRM that is tailored to your business, your work culture and the needs of both you and your clients is the key to a successful solution.

 Listening and partnering with our clients, we create a better solution than either of us could on our own.

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Implementing systems can take time and can be challenging. 

 We will create a project timeline that is realistic and effect.  We are in it for the long haul and will support you not only during the implementation project but will be available to support for as long as you need us.


Businesses should be automated. 

The key is to automate the right systems. Just because it can be automated, does mean it should be. We will guide you to creating an appropriate and effective automated solution.

Business Solutions for
​Tomorrow's Growth

Do you want to run your business or spend hours and hours becoming a CRM or Systems expert?  With decades of CRM, E-Marketing and Business process experience, Synergy Squared will listen to your needs and guide you from deciding which system is right for you to implementing that solution and providing the support you need.

Some of the services we provide:
• Customized Business Systems
• Data Conversion
• Automation
• Integration
• Sales and Business Strategy from a Technology Lens
• Training
• Support


Still questioning if CRM is right for you. Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need a CRM?
Regardless if you are the only employee of your own company, or you are a fortune 100 company, in 2021 – everyone should have a CRM.  Having a CRM support you working smarter, not harder!  It enables automation, E-Marketing, exceptional client service and a deeper relationship with your clients.

Having a CRM that is tailored to your business allows you to service your clients at a level that will separate you from your competitors and help you to stand out.

In 2021, having a CRM does not have to break the bank either!  There are many solutions that are best of breed and very affordable.  The key thing is to get it implemented properly, and to USE it!  If your CRM is not working for you, and you are working for it – there is something wrong!  A CRM should make your life easier, not harder.

Everyone needs a CRM.
Is my data Secure?
Security, as it should be, is of paramount concern in the cyber world.  When looking at a CRM, or any cloud based solution, you need to look at the security of that solution or platform.

Security can get very technical, but there are a few simple questions you can ask when vetting a solution.  First, ask if the data is encrypted and if it is encrypted at rest and/or in transit.  If it is not encrypted, move on.  If it is encrypted in transit that is good, but you really want a solution where your data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

Even if you are not in the healthcare industry, know if the CRM is HIPAA compliant will give you an idea of how much security they have in place.  Similarly, is the system SOC2 compliant, this is the highest security certificate available for financial institutions.  If it is SOC2 compliant, again, that tells you the vendor has taken years of vetting and compliance around strict security protocols to keep your data safe.
How much will it cost?
Not surprisingly, the most common question we get is “How much will it cost?” Of course the answer depends on many factors.  The major things that will drive cost are:

1.Which CRM you choose – some are free, some are economical, and some are expensive.
2.How many users?
3.What are your goals in using a CRM?
4.What are your security needs?
5.What are your mobility needs?
6.Does it need to integrate to other applications?  Then, is there an existing integration or will we need to build one?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to the price question, but there are decisions that can make it fit you budget and still get value.

Using a Crawl, Walk, Run approach is a great start.  If your budget is limited, consider reducing the scope of the phase one of your CRM implementation.  This could include starting with fewer users (create a pilot group to prove ROI), focus on core needs like activity and sales tracking – leave the bells and whistles for phase 2.  Choose a CRM that is affordable, but scalable.  Make sure to have your end goal of where you want to be in 5 years with your CRM and make sure that the basics you start out with form the foundation that will support where you are going.  No one wants to have to rebuild the foundation!

Lastly, find an implementation partner that can guide you through what is possible at your budget, but with a plan to grow.

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