Everyone needs a CRM.

Simply stated, we create customized CRM programs for the C-Suite and other entrepreneurs seeking high impact sales, marketing, and customer relations results.

A Custom CRM and Business Process Solutions Consulting Group, our team of experts have the knowledge, experience, and creativity required to help you win. 

A proud Zoho One Partner, we are great listeners, strategists, and implementers that make sure your business objectives are realized though a suite of services tailored to your specific needs.  

They include  blue-sky CRM Consulting, Business Process Strategy and Planning, CRM Program Set-Up, Training and Support, Data Migration and Automation.

Work with us and you will soon discover that we are perfectionists who take our work very seriously.  Ourselves, not so much.  

That means in addition to top-quality counsel and flawless work, you get an experience that is both high-touch, and, whenever possible, fun.

Our Mission

Synergy Squared Inc believes that all businesses, from solopreneur to fortune 100 deserves to have the systems in place to support their stand, their growth and their profit.  Synergy is a minority owned business that believes in an inclusive, nurturing, diverse and vibrant client community.

What Does Synergy Squared Do?

We carefully listen to our client’s requirements then create a custom program that efficiently achieves their business objectives.  Key services include blue-sky CRM Consulting, Business Process Strategy and Planning, CRM Program Set-Up Training and Support, Data Migration and Automation.

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Meet Our Team

Timm Ryan-Young

For the past 30 years Timm has helped thousands of companies make more money with less effort by streamlining, standardizing and automating their business processes.  Timm stands for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes having the systems in place to support their Stand, their Movement and their PROFIT!

Helping business streamline, automate and scale is what he loves, and he believes there is no better time than now!

Kevin Ryan-Young

Kevin surrounds himself with people who are up to big things. He has always held space and supported those who are ready to step up and create their future. In the past he has done this with artists, directors, choreographers, dancers, actors, teachers, parents and elementary school aged students. Today as COO of Synergy Squared, Inc, he gets to continue to do what he loves and stands for. Making sure that all leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners have the support, space and systems that they need to empower their family, their community and their impact.

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