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    A Custom CRM and Business Process Solutions Consulting Group.  We are a proud Zoho Advanced Partner composed of seasoned experts with the knowledge, experience, and creativity to help C-Suite and other entrepreneurs create high impact sales, marketing and customer relationship programs.

I don't Need CRM...do I?
Everyone Needs a CRM.

Regardless if you are the only employee of your own company, or you are a fortune 100 company, in 2022 – everyone should have a CRM. Having a CRM support you working smarter, not harder! It enables automation, E-Marketing, exceptional client service and a deeper relationship with your clients.


Having a CRM that is tailored to your business allows you to service your clients at a level that will separate you from your competitors and help you to stand out.

We carefully listen to our client’s requirements then create a custom program that efficiently achieves their business objectives. 

Custom CRM and Business Process Solutions
Customized Business Solutions
Customized Business Solutions

Customized Business Solutions

Having a CRM that is tailored to your business, your work culture and the needs of both you and your clients is the key to a successful solution.

 Listening and partnering with our clients, we create a better solution than either of us could on our own.



Businesses should be automated. 

The key is to automate the right systems. Just because it can be automated, does mean it should be. We will guide you to creating an appropriate and effective automated solution.



Implementing systems can take time and can be challenging. 

 We will create a project timeline that is realistic and effect.  We are in it for the long haul and will support you not only during the implementation project but will be available to support for as long as you need us.

Meet Our Client

Before Synergy I had used various databases and CRMs over many years such as ACT, Kajabi, AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and I've probably even forgotten some. Each had their pros and cons, but overall I was still not satisfied.

"I wasn't getting what I'd envisioned done with all the tools I'd cobbled together to help me get there."            

Even though things were improving, I still felt like I wasn't getting what I'd envisioned done with all the tools I'd cobbled together to help me get there. So things were good, but I wanted great!

My experience working with Synergy was wonderful! They were great listeners, extremely helpful, not just to me, but to all their clients I saw them interact with. They over-delivered. They were kind, generous and they know CRM! They know their business! There wasn't a single thing I inquired about that they didn't have a solution for. 

Synergy introduced me to Zoho and I invested time learning from Synergy, how to utilize it for a client's project as a test. It worked superbly! And at a fraction of the cost of another CRM I also use, so Synergy provided me with an additional option in my arsenal for my clients who either didn't have a larger budget or appreciated the savings so we could put all that amazing research, plans and content we created for and with clients to good use with automation that was now, because of Synergy's training, easier to implement in a more cost-efficient way.

"We will continue to utilize the Synergy team and their wealth of experience and knowhow with regards to CRM going forward."                                                                        

We are perfectionists who take our work very seriously.  Ourselves, not so much.  That means with Synergy Squared you get only top-quality counsel and flawless work delivered in an experience that is high-touch, and, whenever possible, fun.

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